Let’s listen to a favorable book review by a friendly Colleague.

This book is a nonfiction book that reads like a novel.

At the beginning of the book, the records of the author’s young days are described. His narrative style, which is very fast, progressive, upbeat and a little cynical, gets immersed just like reading Mark Twain’s the Adventure of the Huckleberry Finn. So this part had captivated me to the point that I couldn’t put this book down even for a moment.

This is a brilliant book written about a young scholar studying the Law.

As the author himself has already warned in his Acknowledgement that “in the case of Hans Kelsen’s legal theory, or in the part of Immanuel Kant’s philosophical narrative of a very serious jurisprudence that introduces Kritik der reinen Vernunft, some readers might soon throw away this book”, we shall eventually encounter with these heavy legal corollaries in many parts of this book. But if you are a young scholar studying the Law, you will enjoy some unexpected delights to meet some very candid and clear explanations about the core of the customary international law, rule of passage through the international straights, and the rule of the law of war in connection with the armistice or the naval blockade or lot more. So this book is a brilliant book written for the earnest young scholars studying the Law.

This is a book you will surely remember.

The history of the NLL, a maritime demarcation line distorted by communist malignant negotiation strategies in the process of ending the Korean War, and the historical relationship between tension and conflict that have continued to occur after the cease-fire in the western hemisphere of the Korean Peninsula; it is the part where we come across in this book, only in this book, those historical truths that we have not been able to encounter often. The unfortunate history that has been formed between Korea and Japan since the 19th century is the historical truths that we have not been able to encounter but we have met only in this book. In particular, in his essay explaining the legal logic of an international law scholar, we have come to find that historical truths that we do not know of which had been persistently hidden down between these two famous East Asian nations.

In this book, the author is telling a few urgent and meaningful facts about Korea.

Korea is a free country that advocates liberal democracy in the Constitution, and it is a country that has grown up into the 13th largest trading nation in the world by fostering a free market economy system. However, since the 1990s, the whole nation and society as a whole have become infected with mass-hysteria in the left-wing totalitarianism, and in reality they are transforming into a strange country that is denying liberal democracy and slowly demolishing the market economy system.

In the process of US efforts to eliminate completely the North Korea’s nuclear arsenals, and to make North Korea a free democratic society, South Korea should play a key role in the military and politics on the Korean peninsula. But the incumbent Korean government itself is now dominated and controlled by left oriented politicians. It is obviously unlucky and untimely.

The author sees the fate of Korea in crisis and hopes that the future of his beloved motherland Korea will develop into a just and hopeful one with the efforts of people faithful to the justice and truth. Our readers cannot help but to pray that his desperate hopes will come true.

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