At the very front cover of the book, you will find an introductive message. It says;

“He is telling a few urgent and meaningful facts about Korea” (in this book).

Have you found any urgent thing in the book? So far, not any? And has your conclusion come to that he is not telling any urgent fact about Korea in this book?

Then, you are wrong.

He is telling very urgent fact about Korea. But it seems to have been expressed in some prudent and clandestine manner.

For example, please take a look at some comments in the Prologue of the book. In the conclusion part of the chapter, you would find a comment like;

“In the process of US efforts to eliminate completely the North Korea’s nuclear arsenals, and to make North Korea a free democratic society, South Korea should play a key role in the military and politics on the Korean peninsula. But the Korean government itself is now dominated and controlled by left oriented politicians. It is obviously unlucky and untimely.”

This unlucky and untimely posture of the South Korean Government could mean an immediate disaster for the South Korean people, without mentioning the North Korean people.

Now US President Mr. Donald Trump and his staff, the Secretary of State Mr. Mark Pompeo, are pushing for the denuclearization of North Korea through economic blockade and dialogue with Dictator Kim Jong-eun. But ultimately, Kim Jong Eun, who has no will to denuclearize, will eventually fail to respond reasonably to the denuclearization efforts of the United States, and at some point the US will eventually be forced to attack North Korea by force. It would not be an easy or simple job to completely eliminate the nuclear arsenal and transform the North Korean region into a rational regime in which free democracy and market economy are applied, by completely blockading North Korea economically, by overthrowing it with armed forces and taking control of it. It would demand some very precise military operations and a long term project with lots of time and money.

Above all, the full support and cooperative efforts of the South Korean government is inevitably needed in the end because North Korea is geographically located on the Korean Peninsula. Since South Korea and the United States have already been allied with the ROK – US Mutual Defense Treaty, and ultimately, this American effort would also bring about the liberal unification of Korea, the ROK government should, willingly give a full support and cooperation.

Nontheless, the confidence that the current Korean government will give such cooperation and support to the United States’ efforts is gradually disappearing.


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