Idealists and snob-Realists in the Crisis of Liberal Democracy

North Korea, like a hell that is difficult for an ordinary man to bear, could quickly change into a society that a man can live a decent life, only if it be implemented with a proper market economy like South Korea and sustain the liberal democratic legal system prescribed in the South Korean Constitution. Even the subsequent wives who selling vegetables in the marketplace of North Korea to make a humble living are now clearly well aware of it. The only way for poor North Koreans to survive is through absorption by the Republic of Korea. Even this fact is now clearly well known to all North Koreans. Only some falsely hypnotized intellectuals living comfortably in South Korea and South Korean officials brainwashed with left-tilted ideology are unaware of it. But who is there to enable the Republic of Korea to absorb North Korea and accomplish the unification of this peninsula?

Is there any soldier who has a sense of justice in North Korea and genuinely love this country and his fatherland seriously? Recognizing the urgent need to change North Korea, which barely maintains the contradictory state system of the current dilemma and to restore it to a proper state system that can guarantee the ideology and values of human survival and freedom, could someone come up with deep insights and genuine courage to devote themselves to this essential problem?

In the end, while agonizing over the terrorist politics of dictator Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s high-ranking public officials are not making any attempts to get rid of Kim Jong-un. The sense of extreme fear for the unpredictable purge’s blade exercising by Kim Jong-un’s hand, and on the other hand, the realistic perception that he can enjoy the various privileges until Kim Jong-un’s fickle purge’s blade comes, are blocking any of their decisions, because most of them are nothing but the snob-realists until the last minute.

If there were a man with a sense of mission or ethical proposition among the high-ranking civil servants or high-ranking soldiers in North Korea, by breaking through the contradictory state system as it is now in North Korea and pursuing the values of human rights and freedoms to live a plain, and decent human life, if there were someone who prioritizes such value more, he can be said to be an idealist. No such idealist has emerged from North Korea so far.

Here in South Korea, there are more poor snob realists than idealists. In a sense, far more than in North Korea.

Even at this moment, an absolutist left-biased consciousness is spreading throughout South Korea like collective hysteria. As I wrote on the back cover of my book, Kim’s Memoir, the liberal democratic Republic of Korea was completely defeated in the ideological war with the communist North Korea.

손을 들고 기뻐하는 남북정상 문재인 대통령과 김정은 국무위위원장이 27일 오후 경기도 파주 판문점에서 ‘판문점 선언문’에 사인, 교환한 뒤 서로 손을 잡고 활짝 웃고 있다. 2018.4.27

It has been several years since Moon Jae-in, who is now a practical puppet of Pyongyang, has seized power through lies and conspiracy to wield state power at will. The general election held on April 15 last year was a fraudulent election conducted by the AI team of Red China, which led to the monopoly of the majority of the legislature. The left-wing government and these pseudo-majority ruling parties boldly and quickly completed legislation that overturned the country’s liberal democratic system from its roots. The ROK-US alliance has become ineffective in the face of falsehood and pretense manipulated by Moon Jae-in, and the Republic of Korea is now rapidly falling into the path of national ruin.

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