About the Book Description-2

spyship pursuiting

In the Book Description you could find the comment that ‘the writer as a junior naval officer actually joined the bloody sea engagement to hunt the North Korean spy ship’.

……….We abandoned the off-set firing to capture the spy ship and select the salvo fire method to hit and sink the spy ship. However, even with the salvo fire bombardment, it was not easy to sink the spy ship. A salvo fire is 5 rounds of shells falling around the target at a time. The spy ship evading with a jig-jack maneuverings could have been barely hit after wasting a large number of shells.

The task of approaching the sinking spy ship and collecting evidence and other spilled things worthy of information was my role as a search officer in accordance with the General Quarter Station Bill.

While the 24-inch searchlight on our ship’s bridge lit up, all of the crews were looking down on me nervously as I moved under the lights. I approached to the sinking spy ship by a search boat. The spy ship was almost half-sinking, and only the warehouse in the ship’s head was above the surface. The surrounding sea was covered with heavy oil, and various wrecks floated chaotic on the oil layer. I unlocked the safety of the caliber 45 military pistol, kept the shooting posture, climbed over the spy ship, and opened the door of the warehouse. I picked up only those things that I thought were important, such as rubber boats and pumps, some rifle guns, etc. No trace of the human, neither a dead body was found.

When I came back to the ship, the captain called me to the captain’s room and gave me a glass of Johnnie Walker. At that time, my mouth, not cleared yet, was full of toxic wastes. I had the captain’s grateful drink at once, and all the poisonous things had gone into my stomach………..

About the Book Description


In the book description, appeared on the back cover of the Book,

The author is telling about two pigeons. He tells us that every creatures including human being is pitiful. They have only a humble and helplessly week condition. But with the genuine care and affection these week beings share and render each other they can accomplish to reach the imposing and honorable world. I want the writer’s intuitive hope to be spread and co-owned in between the earnest readers of this book.

Dr. Kim Young Koo

WelcoBookCoverImage최종me to this blog.

At the beginning, I rather introduce my book ‘Kim’s Memoir’.

First of all, when it does not have any fun, who would read the memoir of people you do not know well? 

Oh, No. This book is unique. It has a lot of fun. This is an honest impromptu reaction of my young boy.